Almond marble squares

A delicious dessert after lunch or a sweet snack.DSC_0100

• 100 g of ground almonds
• 150 g of Greek yogurt
• 70 g of sour cream
• 2 eggs
• 20 g finely ground coconut flour
• grated zest of half a lemon
• freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon
• 1 teaspoon of baking powder
• 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
• sweetener to taste
• 2 tablespoons of real cocoa + 2-3 tablespoons of milk
• 3 tablespoons sliced ​​almonds for sprinkling

Process ground almond in a food processor until fine flour forms. Add finely ground coconut flour and baking powder. In the second bowl with a hand mixer, mix the sweetener with the eggs until airy. Add Greek yoghurt, sour cream, grated lemon zest, lemon juice, baking powder and vanilla essence. Mix in a smooth mass, which then split into half. Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa and 2 to 3 tablespoons of milk in one bowl to get the same consistency as in the second bowl. Line the baking tray (my is about 15x15cm) with baking paper. With a tablespoon alternately apply both mixtures so that it covers all the baking dish. Draw a pattern with a fork, sprinkle with almonds and bake 30-35 minutes in a preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius.
Enjoy! 🙂


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